Empire of ants Studio


Empire of Ants is focused on ant breeding skills. Through these breeding techniques, we can cooperate with different fields in both industry and academics. This allows us to research and learn from ants, which provides new possibilities that could be applied to use in the human world. For this reason, we focus on how breeding techniques can be improved for higher production rate and life expectancy. We also realize the importance of teaching the public about ants, so they have a deeper understanding of what they actually are, as well as explaining our aspirations and future intentions to them. Apart from raising environmental awareness, we also have high hopes that we can cooperate with the academic field in order to research more on ants. We hope to initiate possible areas of applications not only in the nutrition industry, but also in biotechnology and health care. We wish to contribute to society using the most natural methods provided to us by Mother Nature, without damaging our environment. This is the sole purpose and value of “Empire of Ants”.

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