FN LOGO 黑金視覺 王君懿

Enchanted by the aqua beauty at first and then committed to promoting the fun of aquarium breeding, I want to dedicate the know-how to more people who first come across the aquarium .  Furthermore l wish they get familiar with the joy of breeding

through correct method.

In 2008, I met the beautiful  figure  in the water - Crystal Shrimp. Deeply fascinated from that moment,  I set up two small shrimp tanks at home on the balcony. I started the research &development of   crystal  shrimp farming . An 12 years long journey up to now .   In 2013 I established FIVE & NINE TOP AQUARIUM.

In September 2016, I built a flag-ship store, located in Tao yuan. That makes my dream come true. The combination of space art and design attracts people interested in the aquarium to step in such a fascinating space we designed. 

We invite people to come here and to enjoy the heart-beating  atmosphere of aquarium world. What you will experience is like the charm make-up for your daily life !

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