Morning dew Creative Technical Co., Ltd.

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Instruction of MDCT

Our multi-lens image fusion algorithm is patented, and it can be used in the military, telemetry, and medical applications, all the way to digital imaging. Digital imaging can be roughly divided into visually presented photos, videos, or icons.

Our primary target market is medical endoscope technology services, and we use multi-lens image fusion to achieve clearer and sharper image and combine AI technology to develop multifunctional AI intelligent endoscopes.

Vision of MDCT

Nowadays, human beings are living in the information age. All information must be displayed through screen lenses. Human activities, such as medicine, military or entertainment photography, are inseparable from the stimulation of visual senses to experience better and clearer images. The vision of our company is to create the prosperous development in medical industry in Taiwan and other countries. Our exclusive research and development of visual algorithms has occupied a place in medical imaging, and our goal is to have a place in the medical equipment market worldwide.




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