• 公司名稱:SEA直播行銷製作團隊
  • 英文名稱:SEA Live broadcast team 
  • 產業類型 : 數位傳媒業
  • 負責人 : 游騰銓/Tommy yu
  • 連絡Email
  • 公司經營項目:商品銷售、直播技術及行銷等相關服務





(1)提供現場專播 使用最新導播機及綠棚技術可將直播內容電視台化,如畢業典禮、婚禮、產品說明、發表會、宣傳活動、小型會議、國際研討會、線上演唱會、法說會、股東會、企業訓練、體育活動、線上教學等提供電視台化的現場轉播或影片預錄


(2)協助企業及個人打造品牌直播節目 協助企業的宣傳活動、商品資訊、品牌活動節目化的方式定期在粉絲團直播,從綠棚設備、節目規劃、節目製作、到節目執行本團隊皆可協助


(3)成立台灣的東南亞人士的直播頻道 目前已成立台灣越南人的專門的購物頻道,未來目標將擴展至東南亞

Currently, SEA Live broadcast team provides three services


(1) Provide live broadcast Use the latest director and green shed technology to broadcast live content, such as graduation ceremonies, weddings, product descriptions, presentations, promotional activities, small meetings, international seminars, online concerts, lectures, shareholder meetings, corporate training , Sports activities, online teaching, etc. Provide live broadcast or film pre-recording 


(2) Assist companies and individuals in creating branded live broadcasts Assist the company's promotional activities, product information, and brand activities to be broadcast regularly on the fan group. The team can assist from green studio equipment, program planning, program production, and program execution. 


(3) Establish a live channel for Southeast Asian people in Taiwan At present, a dedicated shopping channel for Taiwanese Vietnamese has been established, and the future goal will be extended to Southeast Asia