To improve the quality of entrepreneurial counseling and to utilize resources appropriately, starting from 2019, TYCommander will assemble mentors from different areas and combine “on-site consulting”, “Taoyuan business startup loan counseling” and other services into the brand new “TYCommander Entrepreneurial Counseling”. If you have questions regarding marketing, accounting, finance, research and development, or business startup loan, please feel free to join the counseling.

Each counseling session will stop accepting signup when the quota is full. (Quota is four for each session, for more popular sessions there might be extra spots.) Signup form for the next month is available for fill out on the 20th of every month, anyone intending to register please fill out the form. We will not sign up for you due to the fairness issue. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Four features of TYCommander Entrepreneurial Counseling:


Having good quality is not enough, you need to let more people know about your product. Mentors from the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs are here to help. With years of experience in consulting, they are able to solve your problems regarding marketing strategies. (One session per month)


Professional accountants from PwC Taiwan are here to address your concerns in accounting, finance and related issues. (One to three sessions per month)

Research and Development:

Senior managers from Taiwan Rapid Innovation Prototyping League for Entrepreneurs (TRIPLE) will provide assistance in research and development, mold making, manufacturing process review, among other issues. (One session per month)

Youth Startup Loan:

Mentors from SMEs who are also professional consultants will help you with applying for startup loans in Taoyuan, drafting loan application proposal, and acquiring compulsory lecture-attending records for raising funding. (Two sessions per month)
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